This natural disaster hit Germany hard. The extent of the destruction in my homeland, the Ahr valley and the Eifel, cannot be foreseen for a long time. I grew up in the Ahr valley and seeing the suffering of the people there made me very sad. Many people have lost everything in a few hours and are facing the abyss. Whenever there were tragedies in the world, Germany was and is always there to help and support with donations.

Now I want to win the world over, that it helps the people in my home country.

I’m not a classic fundraiser or do something like that professionally, but every euro that is donated will benefit people in need. All donations are documented and shown to the donors through photos and videos. I would also like to show the world what you have achieved with your donations. Depending on the amount of the donation, I would like to help the villages in the entire Ahr Valley, but especially Ahrbrück, Ahrdorf, Müsch, Antweiler, Fuchshofen, Schuld, Insul, Dümpelfeld, Liers, Hönningen, Ahrbrück, Pützfeld, Kreuzberg, Altenahr, Dernau, Marienthal, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. Depending on how high the donation amount will be amount, the sum will be handed over to one or more mayors symbolically (then, of course, as a transfer), so that affected citizens can be helped immediately.

Every donation is welcome. No matter how high. Help me to rebuild my homeland! Many Thanks.

For example, with the donations I would like to support Rainer Himmes and his family (wife & 3 children)  from the village Schuld who have lost their entire existence through the flood. -> watch the video

Flood Disaster Germany 2021

Why has this donation so much meaning for me?

Normally I am a fun-loving person and a curious globetrotter / travel blogger, as you can see here on my website and on my videos on YouTube. I grew up in Dorsel, a beautiful and tranquil village directly at the Ahrtal.

(Spring 2021 – Dorsel at the Ahr Valley)

An area that has greeted almost 600,000 tourists each year before Corona. With lovable and hospitable people who have no idea since a few days, where they should now live and / or how they shall rebuild everything. That affected me deeply and made me sad. I grew up in this beautiful region and my heart has been bleeding since the catastrophe.

(This place is just 1km away from Dorsel)

Fortunately, my parents have not been hit directly from the Floodwave, but mentally suffer from the disaster. They see all the damage daily and their life there is no longer the same as a week ago. And that’s why I want to help my part and help people in need, but also make my parents happy again.

Even a small donation can make the big difference and move a lot in the sum of all donations here.

I already thank you on behalf of all affected people of the Ahrtal.